Guaranteed Rent For Landlords

Our Services

If you invest in us, we invest in your home

Exceeding expectations

We have the upmost standards for all of the properties that we take on and ensure that professional cleaners enter the property after each guest.

Benefits to you

- No hassle
- No maintenance
- No tenant issues
- No void periods
- No missed/late payments
- No eviction/legal costs
- No marketing/advertising costs

Passive income

We offer you the security of long term guaranteed rent so that you can enjoy the lifestyle you deserve.

The Process

If you are interested in renting out your property to us these are the steps:

1. Get in contact so we can set up a meeting

2. We will arrange a viewing to see if the property is suitable

3. If an offer is made and accepted, the contracts are drawn up, signed and a start date is agreed. 

Darcy Burgoyne

Darcy, CEO of the company was born in the New Forest and after gaining experience as a project manager at a large investment bank decided to start property investment. She loves the countryside and building great relationships in order to provide the best accommodation for guests when they are traveling to the South.

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